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The latest generation automatic, electronically controlled stepper motors and servo motors, for sewing the back pocket in denim. A completely automated pocket sewing process. Operator's work is limited to placing the pocket (without the need to press the edges for the hem) on a special form, putting on the leg and initiating the sewing process. The machine automatically presses the edges of the pockets, moves the rolled up pocket into the sewing zone, where the pocket will be sewn off according to the programmed pattern along with the fastenings; the stacker will pick up the leg with the pocket sewn on.
During the sewing cycle, the operator prepares another pocket, which significantly reduces the time of the entire operation. Available option with the possibility of sewing labels under the pocket.
The machine is equipped with a device for automatic change and winding of AW-2 springs thanks to
why the estimated performance of the machine increased to approx. 2367 pairs of trousers / 8 hours (assuming the pocket has been sewn with a two-needle stitch with two attachments); if the pocket is stitched with a single-needle stitch, the performance will increase. All operating parameters of the machine are set on a simple to use, easily accessible and legible control panel.
Max. sewing speed 4000 stitches / min, size of the working area
(pocket size) 240 x 250 mm,
Max. stitch length 6 mm,
Max. number of programs that can be saved 691. Required connection to compressed air.

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